Once signed up, you will be given your own unique membership number and straight away we will begin taking action for you.

Payment can be made by either Credit/Debit card or Direct Debit. Memberships are for a 3 year period.

  • 1 payment - £59.99
  • 3 Payments - £23.00

What you receive:

  • 3 years Membership with unlimited access to our dedicated customer support team
  • Newsletter with regular updates from us, so that you can see progress on complaints, Information on the newest scams to watch out for and tips on how to keep yourself safe.
  • Ongoing communication from our team to make sure we stay in regular contact, also to help you with your everyday worries or needs you may have.
  • Automatic signing onto both the TPS and MPS free registry
  • Full confirmation of your membership within 7days
  • A log sheet to help keep track of times/dates and numbers of any nuisance calls/mail
  • Free personal advice and support from one of our dedicated team
  • No hassle for you as we will deal with these companies on your behalf either requesting any of your personal info they hold or legally requesting they have no further contact with you

We will also take relevant action using the government bodies which have been put in place to tackle this issue. If a company/organisation continues to harass you after we have served a notice on them not to, they could be reprimanded with a huge fine or potentially closed down!