FAQ's Nuisance Protect

What do you do?

Any unwanted calls or mail you receive, we will write to the company/organisation on your behalf. We will formally request that the personal information they hold for you is removed from their database within 7 days (under section 11 Data Protection Act). If a company/organisation fails to comply with the request and continues to harass you after we have served a notice on them not to, we will take relevant action using the government bodies which have been put in place to tackle this issue. The company could then be reprimanded with a huge fine or potentially closed down!

How long does it take for the calls/mail to stop?

The length of time varies depending on the customer and how many companies/organisations have their information. Within 4-8 weeks there will be a noticeable decline in the volume of nuisance calls/mail. When we need to write to any companies on your behalf, we will request your information is removed from their list within 7 days.

How much does the service cost?

Please see Membership details page.

How long does the service last?

The Membership is a 3 year subscription. During this period we ask for your private information to be erased from these organisations databases. Provided you do not participate in any questionnaires or surveys by post or phone then these companies should not be able to re-obtain your information.

What happens if I still receive nuisance calls/mail?

If you still receive nuisance calls or mail, we ask you to document them on the log sheet provided in your welcome pack. Simply call through to us on our freephone number and provide us with the information you’ve collected. We will then contact and deal with these companies straight away.

Why should I be registered on the TPS & MPS registers?

TPS and MPS are free registers which most companies must screen their calling lists against before calling out. Being on this register will help with reducing the calls you receive but also once you are registered if a company then calls you, they are breaking the law. So this gives us more power to pursue any companies ignoring these lists. However, not all companies abide by the TPS/MPS and some companies do not have to screen against these lists.

What happens if I think I’ve been scammed or someone is trying to scam me?

If you think you have been scammed or are worried you may have become a victim to fraud then please contact us straight away on 0800 011 9290.

How can I be sure whether a company that calls me is legitimate?

If a company contacts you and asks you for banking information over the phone, through the post or online then please contact us. We will search government websites and do as much research as possible on these companies to ensure that you are not going to fall victim to fraud and they are safe and reputable to be dealing with.

Are there any forms I need to fill out?

Yes. Included in the welcome pack is a tear off slip that you will need to fill out and return to us in the SAE provided. You simply need to fill in your full name, address and telephone number and sign it. This will give us the permission we need to prevent all nuisance calls and mail you may receive and work on your behalf in reporting any reoffending companies.