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Nuisance Calls and Scam Mail

Millions of people in the UK are being harassed and inundated with nuisance calls & mail. They experience the massive annoyance of unwanted sales calls, automated and silent calls. A lot of people also become targeted by illegitimate companies, as part of a scam or even unknown strangers asking for private information or banking details.

The House of Commons claims that there are over 1 billion nuisance calls made to people in the UK every year and that number is rapidly growing.

These calls and mail come from four main categories:-

  • Sales - Insurance, warranties, charities
  • Survey - Lifestyle, questionnaires
  • Marketing - Silent calls, PPI, general marketing
  • Scams - Broken PC, illegal firms, con artists

Trouble Deciding?

With so many companies out there, do you have trouble with knowing which one to use? Who offers the best value for money and is the cheapest? More importantly, what companies are safe to use or reputable to be dealing with.

Most people find pursuing these companies leads to massive frustration and time wasting with no guarantees of not being called or mailed again.... until now.

At Nuisance Protect we pride ourselves on efficient results for our customers and having the solution to this nationwide problem.....our focus is YOU! We will work endlessly to give you results and where necessary, take the action needed on your behalf.